Following the example of France 98 or of the Euro 2016, I  leaves the report that soccer games are a vector of communion and sharing. People of totally different univers find themselves in a stadium to sing, shout, share their feelings and get out of their daily life during 90 minutes. The soccer can be perceived as a religion which supporters would be the followers. Just like the religion, people find themselves to commune in their temples every week. They find the believers, their friends, take a timeless moment to sing the glory of theirs idols.


I went to the stadium of Bollaert (RC Lens), the Celtic Park (Celtic Glasgow) and the Parc des Princes (PSG) during the famous Paris versus Barcelona, to take photos, testimonies and sound recording as to constitute an installation around three book testimonies, or better wills, to share what, on the stadium, exceeds the ground or the ball : the unity, the humanity, the party, the enjoyment, the sadness, the sharing, the meeting, and what transpires the soccer. Not only the game, also the religious, sacred dimension of the place and the rite.


The project has a continuation, it would be possible to continue this pilgrimage beyond three wills, even beyond other one places, other cultural universes, other religions. In the heat of Bombonera in Argentina, in the grand of the Century Link Field in the USA, in the cheerfulness of the stadium of the Martyrs in Congo and to put in parallel other faces of this communion.


Each book has been linked and hand-crafted, the photos are made by myself and each book has its soundtrack to fit completely into the book.


Vendredi 25 Février

14H v/s Valenciennes



Saturday February 18th

4.0 p.m v/s Motherwell



Mercredi 14 Février

21H v/s Barcelone