This projet is a part of my serigraph printing. I wanna do a card game a little bit special. It’s a playing card to honor great movies director. Every playing card have his own director on his packaging and his four color tie in four of his movies.


In this project I do the Tarantino one, with four of his best movies : Kill Bill, Inglorious Bastards, Pulp Fiction and Django. The black and the red cards be remplace to the yellow and the red cards. Every card be print in two colors, every movie have his 1 to 10 card and his Jack, his Queen and his King who represent an emblematic character of his movie.

I was ordered to create share wedding. The theme is oriented to movies. I decided to create an origami and some cards of invitation with the ambiance of Gatsby to honor the party and the art direction of this movie.


When i was in Quebec, i have the chance to use and learn the tools to print in serigraphy. All the process in my hand, the illustration, the preparation of the canva and the printing color. Thanks to that I can go on my illustration with magnificient radient and colors.